Submersible Linear Actuator

R36 Submersible Linear Actuator

A recent refurbishment of an aquatic centre on the Brisbane northside saw an implementation of a new ventilation strategy.

Previously the building had a manually operated louvre system located at the rear of the building which meant of you wanted the windows opened someone would have to walk all the way to the top of the grandstands and manually open the 5 windows by hand. This proved to be not so user friendly enough and the windows were left in the closed position most of the time.

With the warm moisture filled air from the heated pool having nowhere to escape the internal surfaces of the building were constantly wet with chlorinated water which contributed to accelerated corrosion.

The new design incorporated louvre windows across the front of the building and down both side, plus the 5 louvres at the rear were also replaced with new ones.

Due to the high level of moisture inside this building a fully submersible linear actuator was used on all of the louvre windows.

A hybrid mechanical ventilation system was interfaced with the louvre controls to allow the warm moist air to escape whilst keeping the temperature at a very comfortable level all year round.