R200 – Heavy Duty 12/24 volt



    The Linco R200 actuator is a very robust actuator and is therefore adaptable for many applications. Suitable for both inside and outside, should you be requiring a dependable motor the R200will serve you very well for many yearsahead.

    R200 – Heavy Duty Linear Actuator. 12V DC 75Kg Maximum Lift for Solar Tracker, Auto Use as Window Opener and or Gate Opener.

    All Motors include ONE Clevis Mounting Bracket

    Technical Drawing


    Voltage: 12vDC

    Load Capacity- Push / Pull: 500N / 500N

    Lock Force: 3000N

    Electric Overload Cut Off: Built In

    Current Under Load: 3A max

    Stroke Speed at Full Load: 12mm /Sec

    Operating Temperature Range: -26˚C to 65˚C

    Limit Switch: Factory Set

    IP Grade: IP53

    Stroke Lengths: 50mm – 250mm


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