45mm Actuator 24volt



    • Can be used for openings for smoke exhaust and daily natural ventilation
    • Suitable for top/bottom/side hung window/skylight and driving louvres as well
    • In accordance with EN12101-2 standard
    • Housing material: Al alloy; pulling shaft material: stainless steel
    • Electronic overload cutoff
    • Multi bracket options for different installations
    • Lifetime: more than 30,000 times of opening and closing
    • Standard housing finish is anodized silver, other colors are available by painting
    • Multi actuators synchronization is available with an extra external synchronizer


    a. Actuator
    b. Sash connector
    c. Self-tapping screw
    d. Bracket


    24V-1000N 24V-2000N 220V-1000N 220V-2000N
    Voltage DC24V±10% DC24V±10% AC220V±10% AC220V±10%
    Cutoff Current 1.0A 1.6A 0.15A 0.2A
    Force 1000N 2000N 1000N 2000N
    Speed 6mm/s 6mm/s 6mm/s 6mm/s
    Stroke 50~1000mm 50~1000mm 50~1000mm 50~1000mm
    Temperature -20~75℃ -20~75℃ -20~75℃ -20~75℃
    Protection Class IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
    Electric Connection 2 wires 2 wires 3 wires + earth 3 wires + earth
    Limit Stop Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic



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